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Governing Body
Linda Schwager

Borough Council Chris Visconti
  Timothy Jensen
  Eric Kulmala
  Pat Pignatelli
  Sandra Coira
 Elizabeth Stagg
Borough Administration
Borough Administrator Richard Kunze201-337-8111
Borough ClerkLisa Duncan201-337-8111
Deputy Borough ClerkDebbie Krebs201-337-6442
Police ChiefEdward Kasper201-337-6171
Fire Chief Pete Warnet 201-337-5691
First Aid CaptainJeff Marcheso973-296-3684
Department of Public WorksAnthony Marcucilli201-337-8104
Treasurer & Chief Financial Officer James A. Mangin 201-337-8111 x214
Tax and Utilities CollectorEllen Amorino 201-337-0353
Deputy Tax and Utilities Collector  201-405-7707 
Borough Professional Staff
AttorneyBrian Chewcaskie  
AuditorFrank DiMaria  
Borough Engineer Kevin Tichacek   
Water & Sewer Engineer Crew Engineering    
Bond CounselMichael Gluck  
Tax AssessorScott Holzhauer 201-337-8111 x207
Borough Officials
Construction & Fire OfficialDaniel Hagberg201-337-1644
Zoning Official
Property Maintenance
Building Inspector
Michael Tabback 201-405-7710
Building Subcode OfficialDaniel Hagberg201-337-1644 
Electrical InspectorRobert Ardire201-337-1644 
Fire Prevention Supervisor
Continuing Certificate of Occupancy
Ralph Porrino 201-337-9616
Plumbing InspectorThomas Zaconie201-337-1644 
Recycling CoordinatorEugene MacMahon 201-337-8103


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