Recreation Complex Water Tested

Oakland Recreation Complex Water Supply – July 26, 2017

Today the DPW received lead sample test results for the entire Recreation Complex. Samples were collected from every sink and drinking location found at the facility. All passed with the exception of the sink in the old Rec stand (located next to the roller rink).  It tested .0015 parts per million above the NJDEP acceptable level.  Summer Camp was notified, but it should be noted that camp does not use that sink for drinking, only hand washing.

That sink is now shut down and remediation steps to fix that water supply will begin immediately.

The Recreation Commission would like to thank the DPW for their work on this project as well as Shop Rite who donated and sold to the commission at a discount bottles of water for all campers and counselors to use since July 10th.

Any further questions may be address to Recreation Commission Chairman Mike Guadagnino at

Thank you,

Oakland Recreation Commission