Field Status: 4/22 Fields are Closed

Until the fields and playgrounds are open, we insist that everyone please do not enter them.

Safety is our primary focus.  Thawing fields are dangerous to ankles and knees.  Frozen patches of ground can cause for poor baseball bounces, slips and falls.  We understand with nice weather everyone wants to get on the fields, but we must put safety first.   

Gate removed from its hinges

This time of the year, the playgrounds have not been checked for winter damage and have not been inspected.  Hopping fences or removing gate hinges is 1. not what we expect from Oakland residents and 2. not puting safety first.

Recreation has put a lot of funds into improving our fields and playgrounds.  Trampling on thawing grounds, using picinic tables as ladders to jump over fences and removing locked gates is not protecting what we find very valuable in Oakland.

Picnic table slid to playground to jump over fence

We are respectfully asking everyone to please follow the DPW signs and do not enter locked gates or closed fields.