Guide to Our Soccer Schedule

Need to know what your child’s schedule will be like in the fall? Here are the schedule guidelines for each division, but they are subject to change.

Kindergarten – Practice and scrimmage/game on Saturday mornings

Division 6, 1st / 2nd Grade – One practice per week, games on Saturday afternoons at Wells Field. This is the last division for boys & girls mixed teams.

Division 5, 3rd / 4th Grade – One practice per week, games on Friday evening and Saturday afternoons on fields in the FLOW area

Division 4, 5th / 6th Grade & Division 3, 7th / 8th Grade – Two practices per week. Girls play Saturday mornings, boys play Sunday afternoon, and both play throughout Bergen County.

Division 2, High School – One practice per week and games on Sunday afternoons, throughout Bergen County.