Softball Rules and Policies

Kids First - Winning Second

Oakland Recreation has adopted the NJ Code of Conduct.


  1. Players must sit on the bench in an orderly fashion.
  2. Players must be in uniform, shorts spandex short, shirt, visor, and kneepads.
  3. All players, coaches, and managers must display good sportsmanship at all times.
  4. No eating is permitted during games.
  5. Managers and coaches may not smoke while on the field.
  6. Only managers will have discussions with the umpire, or in the absence of the manager at a particular game, a coach.
  7. Only one person, either a manager or a coach may visit a player on the field at one time. This however does not include injury.
  8. Each team is responsible for keeping their bench and spectator's area clean.
  9. No jewelry.


  1. A team will field 10 players.
  2. All short outfielders must remain 10ft behind 2nd base until the ball is pitched or hit.
  3. As few as 8 players constitute an official team for game play. Any girl not in official uniform cannot play.
  4. Each girl must play at least 4 innings when she comes to the game on time. No player may sit on the bench for more that 2 consecutive innings.
  5. A manager has the right to bench a player for disciplinary or medical reasons.
  6. There will be a continuous batting order. Late arriving players shall be added to the end of the batting order.
  7. All managers and coaches must be certified.


  1. Managers shall establish ground rules before the game and inform the umpire of rules.
  2. A complete game shall consist of 6 innings.
  3. A game that is called prior to completion due to rain, darkness, etc. Shall be considered a complete game if:
    1. 5 innings have been completed (4 1/2 if the home team is ahead)
  4. There is a 4 run limit per inning, except in the last inning when runs are unlimited. This rule does not pertain to the senior division.
  5. For the senior division only: Games not considered regulation as stated above should be resumed at the exact point where they were stopped. If the score of a regulation game is a tie, the game shall be considered a suspended tie game and shall be completed only if the outcome would have a bearing on the seeding position for the tournament. 
  6. For the senior division only: A tie game will be played until the umpire calls the game for darkness or other reasons at which time the game will be suspended and continued as above.
  7. On Saturday, no inning shall start two hours after the scheduled starting time of the game unless there is a tie.
  8. On Monday - Friday, no inning shall start after 8:00pm.


  1. A catcher must wear a helmet, mask, chest protector, and shin guards. 
  2. All umpires must wear a mask, chest protector, and shin guards.
  3. Batters and base runners must wear a helmet with a face guard and chin strap. 


  1. Distance:
    1. Senior division – 40 ft
    2. Intermediate division – 36 ft
    3. Junior and Instructional divisions – 32 ft
  2. One foot must be on the rubber when starting the pitching motion and also on release.
  3. Maximum innings allowed to pitch per game:
    1. Senior – 4 Innings
    2. Intermediate – 2 Innings
    3. Juniors – 3 Innings
  4. Any part of the inning pitched is considered a full inning. 
  5. In the junior division, the coach will pitch after two consecutive walks; the pitcher may then return after that batter.
  6. In the intermediate division, after two walks/hit by pitch in a row, the third batter must hit the ball into play or be struck out (five strikes; called or swinging). 
  7. No balks shall be called.
  8. In the intermediate division, play stops when the pitcher has control of the ball within the circle, ten feet in diameter with the pitching plate as the center. However, if a base runner is at least half way in between the last base safely reached and the next base, she has the right to continue to the next base at her own risk. (Junior division – when the pitcher has the ball.)
  9. In the senior division, the above rule applies, except the pitcher must have her foot on the rubber, and if the foot is removed from the rubber, the base runners may advance at their own risk. 


  1. The infield fly rule will be used in the senior division only. ‘

Stealing / Leading / Bunting:

  1. Junior and Intermediate Divisions: No leading permitted. The runner may leave the bag when the ball crosses the plate. In the Intermediate division, there is a limit of two steals per inning are allowed. NO STEAL OF HOME IS PERMITTED!
  2. Senior Division: Stealing is permitted; a base runner may lead on release of the ball from the pitcher’s hand. STEALING OF HOME IS PERMITTED!
  3. Senior Division Only: Walk through rule. The steal of second immediately after a walk is permitted. 
  4. Bunting is permitted in the senior and intermediate divisions. 

Base Running:

  1. A base runner is out if she fails to slide, or avoid contact with a fielder who is attempting to make a play at any base. 
  2. Advancing on overthrows:
    1. Junior Division: No extra bases on an overthrow to any base.
    2. Intermediate Division: One base on an overthrow per runner. No advance on an overthrow by catchers for a steal. 
  3. Fielders will be called for interference if they block a base or base path. 
  4. All Divisions: Speed up rule with two outs; a pinch runner is required for the catcher. Runner to be used is the last recorded out.

General Rules:

  1. Cancellation of games can only be done with the advice and consent of the league director and/or commissioner. (Please remember we are paying for umpires.) You cannot just cancel a game; you can start a game with eight players. 
  2. Play must be suspended at anytime lightening is present. 
  3. All protests must be made immediately before the next ball is thrown. The umpire must be notified that the game is being played under protest. Furthermore, all protests must be presented to the commissioner in writing within 48 hours. 
  4. Any situation not covered by the rules shall be governed by the rules of The Amateur Softball Association of America. 

The Code of Conduct will be enforced on anyone who is disruptive.