Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 4/8/2020

From Mayor Linda H. Schwager
Coronavirus Update 3-8-2020

Senior Assistance Program Volunteers Needed:

The Oakland Senior Center is looking for additional volunteers to assist with food shopping and prescription pickups for Oakland Seniors. Please reach out to Arielle at the Senior Center at (201) 405-7731 or at if you can help.

Memorial Day Parade Cancelled:

The Borough of Oakland Memorial Day Parade Scheduled for 5/24 has been cancelled due to concerns over the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Birthday Celebrations with First Responders “Drive Byes”:

The Borough of Oakland understands how difficult it may be to celebrate your child’s birthday while adhering to the social distancing guidelines. That's why, starting Wednesday April 8th, the Borough will offer a program to help celebrate your child’s special day for any child 12 and under.

If your child has a birthday that occurs during this unprecedented time, please reach out to us. We will work with you to schedule a lights and sirens drive by with Police cars, Fire Chief and EMS Chiefs vehicles along with our OEM vehicle (all based on availability) to help brighten the day of our young residents. Unfortunately due to decontamination concerns we will not be able to bring fire trucks or ambulances.

A drive by can be scheduled by emailing OFAS Chief Matt Goodrich at

Please provide your child’s name and how old they are turning, your home address, and the contact information of a parent or guardian to help schedule the time of the event. All we ask is that you please provide us with a minimum of 48 hours' notice to schedule the event. If your child has any sensitivities to loud sirens or bright lights, please specify in your email request.

The Borough of Oakland hopes to bring a smile to your child’s face on their birthday!

If you are interested, please email OFAS Chief Matt Goodrich at with the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Child's Name/Age
  • Child's Birthday
  • Desired drive by date and time

School Testing:

Governor Phil Murphy signed Executive Order 117 yesterday waiving 2019-2020 statutory school year assessment requirements for eighth grade students and twelfth grade students who have not yet met the graduation assessment requirement.

State & County Parks Closed:

Governor Phil Murphy signed Executive Order 118 yesterday closing all state parks and forests and county parks to further social distancing measures. As a reminder, Borough Parks and Recreation Facilities have been and remain closed during the COVID-19 emergency.

Public Health Emergency Extended:

Governor Phil Murphy signed Executive Order 119 yesterday extending the state’s Public Health Emergency that was declared on March 9. By law, a declared public health emergency expires after 30 days.

Primary Election Update:

Governor Phil Murphy signed Executive Order 120, which mandates that all federal and State primary elections scheduled for June 2, 2020, shall be postponed and rescheduled for Tuesday, July 7, 2020.

Unemployment Benefits Update:

  • Information for workers impacted by sickness, loss of employment, or reduction in hours.
    • Apply for unemployment benefits at
    • NJ Workers: Frequently Asked Question during the Coronavirus Emergency. (PDF from the NJDOL)
    • COVID-19 Scenarios & Benefits Available (PDF from NJDOL)
    • Update on $600 Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation from the NJDOL:
      • If you are currently collecting unemployment: The State fully intends to begin issuing the additional compensation the end of the week of April 5, 2020. It will be a separate payment from your regular unemployment benefit, and will continue through July 31.
      • New filers: You also will be eligible for the additional $600/week; it will be retroactive to the week of April 4, 2020.
      • Freelancers, gig workers, independent contractors: While the State wait’s for federal guidelines, we encourage you to apply for unemployment now. Your claim likely will be denied, but your ineligibility for regular unemployment is a prerequisite for receiving benefits due to COVID-19. Additional details will be posted online as they become available.

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