Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 5/18/2020

From Mayor Linda H. Schwager
Coronavirus Update 5-18-2020

Coronavirus Positive Tests in Oakland:

Today the Borough of Oakland was notified by the Bergen County Health Department that there are a total of 219 individuals in Oakland who tested positive for the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Bergen County has a total of 17,335 positive Coronavirus Cases, and the State of NJ has 148,039 positive cases.

If anyone has questions about COVID-19, you can call the 24-hour New Jersey Hotline at (800) 222-1222. You can also visit the State of NJ Coronavirus Website Here.

Oakland Tennis Courts Update:

The Oakland Tennis Courts will re-open this weekend, for single matches only, no team tennis/groups, as that is not allowed due to the Governor’s Executive Order.  Everyone must have a badge, if you have not purchased a badge yet, you may do so by printing out the tennis badge application form on the Borough Website, mail it in with a check written out to the Borough of Oakland and a self-addressed stamped envelope, and the Borough will mail you a badge or you may drop off the form, check and envelope in the drop box in the front of Borough Hall.

Governor Murphy Announces Additional Re-openings:

Governor Murphy announced today that he is signing an Executive Order to allow some additional outdoor recreational areas and businesses to restart their operations, effective May 22, 2020:

  • Batting cages
  • Golf ranges
  • Shooting and archery ranges
  • Horseback riding
  • Private tennis clubs
  • Community gardens

Charter Fishing & Watercraft Rental Businesses Reopened:

An executive order was signed which allowed charter fishing services and for-hire vessel activities, as well as watercraft rental businesses, to reopen yesterday with required social distancing measures.

New Law Allows Sale of Alcoholic Beverages for Takeout & Delivery:

A new law authorizes the sale and delivery of alcoholic beverages by the holders of certain retail consumption licenses and concessionaire permits during the COVID-19 state of emergency. The law allows bars and restaurants to sell and deliver alcoholic beverages in original containers or in closed and sealed containers and mixed cocktails in closed and sealed containers for consumption off the licensed premises during the state of emergency. The law also allows craft distillery licensees to sell for consumption off the licensed premises distilled alcoholic beverages that are manufactured on the licensed premises and mixed or blended with other alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages and sold in closed and sealed containers. Additionally, the law allows craft distilleries to sell distilled alcoholic beverages in original containers accompanied by one or more nonalcoholic beverages or food stuffs that may be combined by the consumer to prepare a mixed drink.

Scam Alert from Oakland Police Department:

The Oakland Police Department has received information that unknown individuals are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic. These individuals are creating scams to make you believe that you owe money to the IRS or a family member of yours has been placed in jail and a bail needs to be paid for their release. Most of the incidents target our elderly population. There are a variety of scams being attempted, some examples are as follows:

  • The BAIL BOND scam: The criminal will call the victim on the phone and explain their grandchild was arrested. The criminal may or may not provide the grandchild’s name. In some cases, a person was placed on the phone pretending to be the grandchild as proof they were arrested. The criminal will ask that you post (give) a sum of money in order for the grandchild to be released from jail and ask for your home address to pick up the money. Please be aware, the criminal may give you instructions on what to say to a bank teller if he/she questions you on why you are taking out the cash. The criminal may also instruct you to act upset and angry or to tell the bank employee that it is none of their business as to why you are taking out the money.
  • The IRS scam: The criminal will call the victim and tell them that they owe the government money and if you don’t pay you will be arrested. To avoid being arrested you must pay your debt by way of a MoneyGram or gift cards. Understand, the IRS will NEVER call you and pressure you into settling your tax debt with a MoneyGram or gift card.

These are just two of the MANY scams currently being conducted via telephone, internet and email. These scammers are trying to upset you into impulsively handing your money over to them. If anyone calls, texts or emails you that you do not personally know looking for money, call a relative, a close friend, or call the Police. Another person not directly involved may have a better perspective on the situation and be more likely to see through any potential scam attempt.

The Oakland Police Department is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you have any questions. If so, you can call (201) 337-6171 and press “0” for the dispatcher. When they ask, tell them that you would like to speak to an officer in regards to these scams or a possible scam attempt. Help us help you from falling victim to these scammers. It is also recommended that this information be SHARED with your parents and friends who may not be on Social Media.

Price Gouging:

If you see instances of price gouging, please contact the Bergen County Consumer Affairs Office at (201) 336-6400 or email

Unemployment Benefits Update:

Time to certify for weekly benefits? There is a new schedule for certifying for benefits for the week of Sunday, May 17. Please look carefully for your new assigned time, based on the last four digits of your Social Security Number.

Pay extra attention when answering the 7 questions! One wrong answer will result in "claim is not payable at this time." The step-by-step guide tells you how you should respond when certifying. This will also pop up when you log into the system.

Important Resources:

  • The latest data on coronavirus infections in New Jersey are available on the New Jersey COVID-19 Dashboard. The dashboard has been updated to provide more information on scope of the virus and hospitalizations, including the number of patients hospitalized, discharged, in critical care, in intensive care, and on ventilators, along with data on statewide ventilator capacity, numbers of positive/negative tests, and more.
  • New Jersey’s COVID-19 Information Hub includes valuable resources and information for families, workers, and employers who have questions or needs arising from the current crisis.
  • Testing Sites: There are currently 57 COVID-19 testing sites across the state, including State-sponsored and private facilities. To locate a testing location, specifics on how to get a test, and the hours of operation, click here.
  • Information for businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Coronavirus Daily Confirmed Cases Click Here