Field Status: Fields are OPEN

The Lightning Detection System at the Recreation Complex will now alert everyone to the threat of lightning in the area. EVERYONE must follow the  rules for safety: System is located on side of Danny D'Elia building as seen in photo.

1. If the siren sounds one long tone, the strobe light will then go on. This means to seek shelter immediately. Enter your car or go indoors. Do not stand under trees or anywhere outdoors.

2. The light will remain on or flashing after the tone. This means that lightning is still in the area and you are to remain indoors. If you arrive at the field and see the light on or flashing this means the tone has sounded and lightning is in the area, return to your car.

3. When the horn sounds three consecutive blasts and the light goes out, that means it is safe to return to the field

If you wish to have access to the data used in our lightning detection system, please load the Weatherbug application to your smart phone. Once uploaded, click on the symbol in the upper left corner of the app. Then click on the heading Spark. This will tell you how close the last strike of lighting was located and or if lightning is in the area. When lightning strikes within the 10 mile radius the detection alert system will go off.

The system is fully operational at the Wells Field and Truman locations too.