What is served for lunch, how much does it cost?

For Day Camp:  

  • Lunch will be $16 & Lunch Plus will be $20 in week one.  
  • Lunch will be $20 & Lunch Plus will be $25 in weeks three and four.
  • Lunch will be $20 & Lunch Plus will be $24 in weeks two , five, and six.

You pay only one week at a time.  If you're registering for both sessions or first session, please only submit a lunch form for week one at the time you register.  If you're registering for the second session, please submit a lunch form for week 4.  The lunch program is entirely optional, you may also pack lunch for your child(ren).

For Open Camp:

OPEN CAMP LUNCH - On our Wednesday/Friday trips , the trip fee will included a meal voucher/pre-paid lunch for each camper.