Camp Apparel


When ordering your sling bags and paying by check, please make payable to : 

Sports Association of Oakland.

For Open Camp Only:  2020 Shirt color Lavender w/ purple graphics  .  We will also offer sling bags in pink and blue for our open camp campers.  ( see attachments below )                                                     

For Day Camp Only:  NEW FOR 2020.........Included with your registration fee is a white t-shirt with camp art work.This t-shirt will be used for tye dye. ( see attachments below )

We will also offer sling bags in pink and blue for our day camp campers. 

All orders are to be placed during registration.  Also, there will be samples available at registration for sizing.

During the first week of camp and as long as supplies last we will be selling camp t-shirts from previous years for $5.

For the 2020 camp season we will order to quantity from the live registration sessions and order extras in case there was a missed order at the time, mistakes do happen.  Those extra quantities will be limited and on a first come first serve basis.  

Day Camp Sizes:  YS     YM     YL     YXL     AS     AM     AL     AXL     AXXL

Open Camp Sizes:  AS     AM     AL     AXL     AXXL


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