Driveway Paper and Circular Deliveries

Community newspapers and supermarket circulars are delivered to your driveway by two (2) distributors: 

North Jersey Media Group (Suburban News)CBA Industries (Supermarket Circulars)
1 Garrett Mountain Plaza, Woodland Park, N.J. 07424 - (888) 473-2673P.O. Box 1717, Elmwood Park, N.J. 07407 - (800) 376-6222

In an era of spam, telemarketing, and other forms of aggressive solicitation, an old-fashioned form of advertising is surprisingly — many say irritatingly — resilient: handbills and circulars. Newspapers and supermarket circulars placed on front steps, wedged in door jambs, or thrown on residents lawns and driveways, causing adverse effects on our environment and roadways.  Until now, homeowners have had no recourse to block the unwanted paper, often called “lawn litter” because in neighborhoods with yards much of the paper ends up on the lawn. However, the Borough recently adopted Borough Ordinance 27-CODE-283, which prohibits and regulates the delivery of handbills and circulars. 

To permanently suspend free deliveries, the recipient and the provider must abide by Borough Code 21-CODE-283. In accordance with section 3-1.8E, the recipient of unwanted printed matter must notify the distributor by certified mail. After the owner has provided notice by certified mail, return receipt requested, at the address indicated, the delivery shall cease or be suspended for a stated period of time.

In the event the distributor does not heed your request, please contact the Borough of Oakland Property Maintenance Office at (201) 337-8111, ext. 2025 or by email at  

Upon proof of mailing and evidence of non-compliance, the Borough will issue a notice of violation or summons as may be required and the violator may face a fine of up to $500.00.

For additional clarification, please click here to refer to Borough Ordinance 21-CODE-283.