Babysitting List


Note:  Parents, before proceeding, by using the babysitting list you’re in full agreement with the following statement.

The camp does this as a favor to parents who need help before and after camp.  It’s up to you to contact the people listed below via email.  Please state in the email what your needs are (i.e. how many campers, ages, hours, transportation and hourly rate offered), in regards to, help before and after camp. The decision to use one of our counselors is totally up to you , especially if, they fit your needs and are available for your campers during our summer camp season.

The "baby sitting list" has no association with camp what so ever. 

Outside interactions by any employees on this list does not affect their status with their employment at camp.  We hope you find this helpful and good luck with your search for help before and after camp.  

A downloadable list will become available on the camp's downloads page.  This list will be updated as more counselors respond whether or not they want to participate.  If the transportation column is blank, please ask if they can supply it or not.

Name (click to email)Supplies Transportation
Arabella Benducci         okw207@verizon.netNo
Caitlyn Logatto              caitlyn.logatto@gmail.comYes
Giselle mastrofilippo   Yes
Nicole Harrington         nicole.harrington222@gmail.comYes
Grace Leshner              grace.leshner@gmail.comNo
Catherine Leshner         catherineleshner@gmail.comNo

Talia Benducci      

Jamie Przychodzki          jamie.przychodzki@gmail.comNo
Fabian Zeledon.             galeoofdarkness@gmail.comNo
Merrick Gourhan            mtm@pmw.netYes
Jade Fishman