Our Recycling Coordinator/Certified Compost Operators role is to oversee our communities’ solid waste, recycling and yard waste collection.  This service is performed by a private contractor.  We receive and respond to approximately 25 calls per day regarding garbage/recycling alone.  Our Department also operates its own composting facility and has recently developed an Electronics Recycling Program (without adding to our staff).

From April-October the recycling dept. will be conducting voluntary audits of comingled materials at curbside. Each audit should take 15-20 min. If you would like to participate please contact the recycling dept.

Backyard Compost Bins

The Borough of Oakland is offering the Earth Machine compost bin available to town residents at a discounted price of $60. Please refer to the attached information. 

Backyard Compost Bins Information Click Here

Recycling BarrelRecycling Barrels

Recycling Barrels are available for purchase at the DPW Service Building located at 63 Oak Street for $15.00. Exact Change or Personal Checks Only.

New residents are entitled to receive one barrel at no cost and must provide their address at time of pick up.

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