Field & Facility Reservations

All individuals, teams or organizations who want to use Oakland’s fields must complete a Field Use Application Form, and submit it along with a copy of insurance.

Upon approval, you will issued a Field Permit. Oakland Recreation’s Field Use Application Form is available to download. Just click on the handout below.

Terms & Conditions

  • Applying for and being issued a permit is contingent upon abiding by ALL Oakland Recreation rules and Ordinances – including the No Smoking and No Dog Ordinances. Violation of these and any other Oakland Recreation rules will subject the applicant to permanently void his/her permit after first offense; without warning.
  • Organizations that use the Oakland fields without a permit will void any future field permit requests after first offense; without warning.
  • Fields must be cleaned, trash disposed of and field left in same condition as when applicant arrived!
  • A field permit does not give the applicant permission to use field rakes, speedy-dry, L-screens, move soccer nets, etc (either property of Oakland or something brought to the field by applicant). Usage of anything other than the field as outlined in the permit will violate all future permits; without warning.
  • Danny D’elia building must be empty of all trash, carpet vacuumed (vacuum is in the corner of room), chairs & tables stacked as when renter arrived and lights shut off.
  • If field is closed, applicant is not permitted to enter onto the field under any circumstance otherwise face violating all future permits, without warning.

All submissions and all questions pertaining to the use of Oakland’s Recreation Fields should be directed to Recreation Aid Tracy Saliani.  For general questions please contact Recreation Commission Chairman Mike Guadagnino.

To Request usage of a Field:

Please download attachment, address where to mail to is on the application.

Oakland Recreation Field use Application 2018

Fields and Roller Rink    Fee (effective Jan 1, 2016)
Rate per field/rink usage up to 5:59pm  $100 for 3-hour block
Rate per field/rink usage after 6:00pm-10:45pm$200 for 3-hour block
Danny Delia Building daily fee$50.00 per day