Tips and Safety


If you're new to town, new to the whole camp experience, or just curious...We invite you to read some of our helpful hints and tips to the best camp experience possible:

Registration Tips

  • Attend our live registration to guarantee your child(ren)'s spot
  • Make sure you download the proper form for your child . There is one for Day Camp and one for Open Camp
  • One packet per child
  • Make sure all forms are filled out legibly so your child(ren) are placed into their proper groups
  • Make sure all fields are filled out
  • Please be sure to bring at least two blank checks with you to fill out at registration
  • Have extra checks handy as mistakes happen
  • Please do not fill out your checks prior to meeting with an administration member at Registration
  • If you're unable to make any of the registration sessions, it is best to have a friend or neighbor register for you before it's too late.  Make sure your checks are signed, and made out to Borough of Oakland and the other to Sports Association of Oakland.  Please DO NOT fill in the amounts.  
  • They can do so at registration for you.
  • Do not wait until the last minute; avoid the mandatory late fee

For Day Camp

  • Have your child wear their bathing suit under their clothing.
  • Pack a bag with a towel, plenty of water or a re-usable water bottle,  water shoes, and sun block.
  • To prevent anyone from over-heating, hydration is very important as it is always hotter on the open fields at the rec field than what the temperature actually states.  
  • It is mandatory that campers wear sneakers when they arrive to camp as there are a lot of activities involving their feet.  They can switch to sandals, crocs, and /or water shoes for water events.  We do not allow the campers to walk around bare-foot to curb them from getting hurt.
  • If you're dropping your child(ren) off late, go straight to the camp office to be signed in.  Once signed in at the office, you may leave and we will make sure a Junior Counselor from the camper's group will come and drop their belongings off at the table and bring your child(ren) to their group.
  • If you're picking up early, go to the office and we will have a Junior Counselor bring the camper(s) to you.
  • If you're having someone else pick up your child(ren) that is not on the Child Dismissal List, please provide the counselor and coordinator with a note that gives permission to that person.

For Open Camp

  • Provide extra spending money for trips.
  • If a trip is scheduled to leave at 8AM or 9AM.  Please arrive prior to 7:45AM/8:45AM, respectively.
  • If a bus returning from a trip is running late, an administration member will arrive to the pick up site to give a status update.
  • If it's raining at home, but not at the trip location, the trip is still on.
  • If it's raining at both the camp base and trip site, the trip may be canceled if it is outdoors
  • If available, you will receive the ticket to that trip site which would be good for the entire 2016 season, unless their is a specified date on the ticket.

Weather Tips

  • We are open rain or shine!!
  • If it is raining on your way to camp, sign in will take place inside Valley Middle School.
  • Classroom assignments will be posted on the doors at VMS.
  • In the event that it begins to rain throughout the day, the camps will move into Valley Middle School.
  • Under Oakland Recreation Guidelines, we will have to exit the fields if there is any lightning or thunder (lightning detection system will alert us to seek shelter and when it is safe to return).
  • If the rain persists we will go into VMS and stay in the assigned rooms until sign-out.
  • If it stops raining, and it appears to clear, we will go back outside.
  • We will not leave the school unless the fields have drained and dried out completely.  We do not want to risk injury of any type.
  • There is always a chance it may flood where the picnic tables are for Day Camp, which can be a real mess, so if the fields drain and dry out, we may let the campers outside but will still have sign-out from VMS.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any camp administration member by email.