Oakland Rec Summer Camps are open rain or shine, but activities and trips may be cancelled due to weather.  

Open Camp may have trips cancelled due to weather in other areas that we may not be experiencing, or trips may remain on because the weather forecasted here might be different than here.  If a Open Camp trip is cancelled and the weather is expected to be nice, they will stay down at the rec field, but if the weather is not good here or where the trip is located, Open Camp will be inside Valley Middle School.

Day Camp will sign in and out out of Valley Middle School if the weather is rain or the fields do not drain to a safe level.  If in the morning the weather is adverse and begins to become sunny and the fields drain, we will move the campers back outside and sign out down in the recreation complex.  If there is any thunder or lightning we will have to vacate the fields for a mandatory 30 minutes.  If weather appears to continue on throughout the day, we will proceed to move in to Valley Middle School and have sign out in the assigned rooms.

Please be aware that the listed high or actual temperature on TV or the web is taken in the shade.  Provide plenty of water or a re-useable container that the campers can refill.  We want to make sure they are staying hydrated as much as possible and are prepared for the hot days.  On the open fields the sun will be pounding at high UV Indexes, make sure the campers come with sun block on them, and either have learned how to apply it themselves or have sunblock in their bag so someone else can apply it to prevent sun poisoning or sun burn.


Here is the local current weather information in Oakland.  If rain is expected on a camp day, please keep an eye out on the current conditions and radar for a heads up on where sign-out might be.

We will be adding a new rain program for inside VMS.  Room assignments will vary throughout the day.  Please just look for the signs for your group or ask an administration member as to where you can find your group.

ORSC will be adding a Twitter account, that you will be able to follow from here or the home page.  This will simplify the information process in regards to sudden changes throughout the day and alerts as to whether we are sending something home.